Friday, 22 January 2016

Letheringham Lodge - Studio test

So far I have been undecided as to how to present work for the Letheringham Exhibition/ private view. I have considered producing a set of digital prints made from my combined drawings, projecting one or more of the animations I have built from my drawings onto different surfaces; old barns, trees, the Lodge exterior or interior, or simply projecting still images in the same way.

However, projecting outside may be weather dependent, and many of the surfaces are dull brick or wood. After previous experiments, I have found a white background to be most sympathetic to subtle projected images. On darker surfaces, often a lot of detail is lost. At this point, I remembered an idea I had formulated a few months back which hadn't been taken any further and might work in this context.

The plan was to use translucent screens arranged in a line, so that an image would slowly fade as it passed through multiple layers. By projecting onto these screens from both ends, using different images, the outside images should be distinct, while the more central screens should be a varying blend of both. I intend to set up a slide show of different works at each end, timing each slightly differently so they do not run in sync. This means that when the shows are looped, each frame will at some point be seen with every other frame in the opposite show, with at least 15 frames in each slide show. This allows for a wide degree of variation. Ideally, I would like to exhibit this within one of the barn spaces, using the context to frame the work instead of projecting directly onto it.

Below are my first experiments in my studio.

LLOYD EVANS - Lodge test 2 from Lloyd Evans on Vimeo.
LLOYD EVANS - Lodge test 1 from Lloyd Evans on Vimeo.

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