Sunday, 17 January 2016

Letheringham Lodge - First drawings

After my sight visit I found myself drawn to the organic textures and shapes from my reference pictures. I plan to create a series of large scale images from which details can be extracted/cropped to be used as layers in my animations. While these images could be classed as representational I intend to crop so that context and form are obscured. I hope this will let the work hint at a sense of place/ the natural while allowing for ambiguity and open interpretation/association for the viewer.

After reading an interview with Ellsworth Kelly I was interested in how he takes objects from the everyday and abstracts them arriving at what could be described as purely abstract compositions. I am hoping that the initial stimulus of reference will provide me with a starting point, helping me in much the same way.

I initially worked on the ink drawing but soon abandoned ink for a soft pencil (6B) I felt that with a pencil I could produce a wider variety of mark, working quickly the 'attack' of a pencil on paper can produce a much more exciting and charged surface.


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