Thursday, 14 January 2016

Diwali - Animation tests

Below are some of the test animations, they range from organic abstract works to graphic outcomes and a mixture of the two. Presently I favour the more subtle organic abstract tests, I believe there subtlety  may help them embed or fit into the program of events in the Grand Hall which will see dancers and other performers on the main stage. however I intend to test these out in the venue to check they do not become 'lost'. This may be an issue especially on the outside of the building. Without a powerful enough projector there is a chance that detail will be lost. In this eventuality a more graphic outcomes may fair better.

I am currently waiting to test both in the venue and onto the exterior of the building, unfortunately this has been delayed. Without knowing how the images work in context I am reluctant to develop the animations further at this stage. After a test run I will finalise my decision as to what kind of animations to project, and develop longer more resolved works.

  LLOYD EVANS -Flame & Mandala from Lloyd Evans on Vimeo.
LLOYD EVANS - Mandala 2 from Lloyd Evans on Vimeo.
LLOYD EVANS - Flame test from Lloyd Evans on Vimeo

  LLOYD EVANS - Diwali mixed from Lloyd Evans on Vimeo.

LLOYD EVANS - Fire/Ripple from Lloyd Evans on Vimeo.

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