Sunday, 17 January 2016

From the Studio Floor - Ink scans

As part of my reassessment of my working practice I have decided to spend longer creating the ink artwork from which the animations are made. There will be more layers and these will be much larger, A1 or A2. This will allow for greater visual detail for the eye to 'search'

For the From the studio Floor animation I have produced two A0 sized ink drawings, several A1 & A2 works and many smaller A4 experiments. Using a wider pool of visual material I hope to avoid the pitfalls of repetition in 'Versant' where some layers were over used. I am also hoping that larger A0-A2 ink drawings also mean that when projected the images will better stand up to enlargement. In 'Versant' I felt that detail was lacking and marks felt 'clunky'. A bigger more detailed image should create more visual complexity, hopefully holding the viewers attention for longer.

Selection of: A2, A1, A0 and A4 ink scans.

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