Sunday, 17 January 2016

From The Studio Floor - Work in progress

The image below is a screen shot from the ongoing  'Au Courant' composition. Transitions are much slower than in earlier works, I wanted the image to change almost imperceptibly so that the viewer may not be aware at first that the image is animated.

After discussions with tutors and peers I became aware that the most effective transitions are where a layer slowly fades out, a period of time passes then a new one fades in. Fading both in and out at the same time can evoke the feel of the screen saver!  

I have started to think much more about balance in the work, where versant was intended to work as a pattern or field of disinterested marks in 'Au Courant' I have tried to balance pictorial elements to create pictures not patterns. This is a marked move away from earlier work. At this stage I am undecided how future work will progress and if I will return tho the 'allover' image or continue to play with distinct compositional elements.

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