Monday, 3 April 2017


LLOYD EVANS - canopy 2 from Lloyd Evans on Vimeo.
LLOYD EVANS - canopy 1 from Lloyd Evans on Vimeo.

Repeating each image a greater number of times I have sought to further defamiliarise and form a kind of moving wallpaper, I am keen to adapt and scale these to fit site specific locations. Movement within the works is subtle, and I see these projections occupying interior spaces where such wallpaper may be expected. This may allow me to play with the viewers perceptions, as a momentary destabilisation may take place where the exact nature (time-based/static) of the image as well as its  content (Illustration/video) is unclear.  

Can't See the Wood for the...

These videos have been developed from combining, repeating, and reflecting video shot into forest canopies. By repeating and reflecting each video I have sought to use pattern as a means to defamiliarise. My idea was to create a kind of enforced order to the natural environment.  I have been increasingly starting to consider the 'naturalness' of my sources of  reference. The British isles contains very little untouched wilderness, most of our countryside is extensively managed, ordered, and controlled by man. I recently discovered that Britain is classed as the least 'wild' country in Europe as it's green spaces are so heavily managed, and it has no large predators left in its forests.

These works were made as reaction to these observations, while we may visit the countryside to connect with nature these spaces are not 'natural' they are constructs just like our towns and cities.
LLOYD EVANS -Canopy test3 from Lloyd Evans on Vimeo.
LLOYD EVANS - Canopy test4 from Lloyd Evans on Vimeo.
LLOYD EVANS - Tree test4 from Lloyd Evans on Vimeo.