Monday, 18 January 2016

Framing the institution - The Diagram

I've been reading 'The Diagram' by Daniel Buren, in it he explores how the institution (Gallery/Museum)  frames artwork placed within it, validating it with context. He also considers how painting is based on illusion, the 'recto' reverse of the image being hidden by the canvas on the front, even before the artist employs any intended spacial illusions.

In my current work I have been playing with these ideas. By projecting onto the front of buildings such as the Town Hall in a way reverses roles, making the artwork frame the institution. Also in my paper based installations nothing is hidden, the reverse of the image appearing on the back of the picture plain, all be it as a mirror image.

Another link to Buren's conceptualisation is his use of repetition. while his the visual language he uses could be described as formal due to his use geometric forms (stripes) and opposite to my own, both practices rely on repetition of elements. I see repetition as a way to allude to the infinite, that beyond the picture plain, repetition implies more, infinity, the sublime.

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