Sunday, 17 January 2016

A Paradigm shift

After reflective consideration I have decided to rethink the direction my practice has been heading.

I have increasingly been working towards live mixing, and ultimately collaborative performance. While these areas are of interest to me my main interest is still primarily in painting, the contrived image.

I believe my recent work has lost the focus and clarity of earlier work and what ultimately I am interested in. Firstly I see myself as a painter, I started making paintings that move and somewhere have got lost in trying to create complex animations. I will focus my attention on building the image first.

I am trying too hard to disrupt the work. the work is becoming a pastiche of itself. Stripping the processes right back I will still look to employ sound with images but this will become a looser connection not a tighter one. The image will shift but the transition will increasingly be glacial, I do not need to grab the viewer attention with showy tricks but create slower works which invite contemplation.

Instead of over animating the image I will look to allow the context in which the work is projected to provide the disruptive element. The work I produce for the from the studio floor exhibition will be the first test of this change in direction.

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