Sunday, 20 November 2016

Obscura Camera

The function of a camera obscura was to help the artist 'trace' reality so that a clear likeness could be achieved. Here I have sought to use the camera or lens to obscure, hiding the representational and denying narrative and clear meaning.

LLOYD EVANS - Obscura camera (final cut) from Lloyd Evans on Vimeo.

Below are some other tests using the same footage, I focussed on using pattern as a method of defamiliarising. The sound track in these clips is the original recording from filming. While I decided to change it in the final cut above I do like its ambiguous relationship to the imagery, from the 'knocking' heard at the beginning to the disembodied voices which can be picked out above a background of static. It suggests a more uneasy narrative where I feel the final cut above is altogether warmer. 

LLOYD EVANS - SHADOW PLAY (TEST 1) from Lloyd Evans on Vimeo.
LLOYD EVANS - SHADOW PLAY (TEST 2) from Lloyd Evans on Vimeo.