Sunday, 17 January 2016

From the Studio Floor - Final Cut

Final cut for From the Studio floor exhibition. In the end I exhibited an A1 digital print in the main Gallery 3 exhibition space, had mirrored projectors playing either side of the main grand staircase in the lobby, and had Au Courant playing in the old Town Hall Galleries space downstairs.

LLOYD EVANS - Au Courant from Lloyd Evans on Vimeo.

Above is the print which featured in the main gallery space with the other artists work.

Above are the mirrored animations in the Town Hall lobby, Gallery 3 is on the first floor so visitors were met with this work on their arrival. This proved to be difficult to set up on my own in the time I had but I was pleased with the end result. Although this photograph taken on my camera phone in no way does the work justice. Paper screens were cut and suspended from the stairs above using fishing wire and bulldog clips.

Above is an image of the 'Au Courant' animation as it appeared in the old Town Hall Galleries space, followed by an image of myself with the work to give a scene of scale.

The private view was well attended and proved a great opportunity to meet and talk with other artists. As part of the promotion of the event I was interviewed by the East-Anglian for a feature before and then after the exhibition, both interviews appeared in their events supplement.

This was a great event which really pushed me to develop a new body of work and helped me to reassess the direction my work is taking.

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