Monday, 26 October 2015

Independent Arts Practice - New opportunities

My residency/exhibition in Gallery 3 directly led to two new opportunities:

1) Creating work for an upcoming Diwali celebration to be held at Ipswich Corn Exchange. This will include projecting inside the Grand Hall of the Corn Exchange during the event. It may also include projecting onto the exterior, 'Corn Hill,' side of the Town Hall for a number of days before, and during the celebration.

2) Taking part in the group show, 'From The Studio Floor.' This also is to be held in Gallery 3. I will be exhibiting one digital painting inside the Gallery space and there will again be a projection onto the front of the building. There is also the potential to create an installation for the front lobby of the Town Hall.

For both of these projects, I will be collaborating with Mark Aaron to develop visuals & sound.

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