Thursday, 1 October 2015

Paperwork - Idea Development

With this mass of management speak I had the building blocks to
create the work. However there were still two key issues:

1) What software would I use to create the animation? - So far I
had been using Adobe Photoshop’s very limited animation tools to
create my work. I had already reached the limit of its capabilities
and needed to use a more sophisticated programme to realise
a professional outcome. The answer was to use Adobe After
Effects, as a programme I had not used it before but it had been
recommended by both Shaun Camp and Marcus Williams. It was
also able to work with Photoshop files so that artwork could be built
in Photoshop and then animated in After Effects. - However this did
still leave me with a sharp learning curve and not much time.

2) How was the work to be displayed and deployed? - Because
the director wanted the work to be viewed in the intermission it
needed to be stored during the first half, and quickly deployed at
the start of the 20 minute intermission. It then needed to be quickly
taken down again for the second half. Added to this was the issue
that there were to be two back to back performances, so it needed
to work twice.

My answer to this problem was to use banners of paper which
could be wound up and attached to the lighting rig, then be
dropped when needed, and ripped down after use. Aesthetically
I favoured this solution, by using reels of perforated fax paper I
could create an office like maze through which the audience could
wander. Perforated fax paper is also incredibly thin, no more than
60 GSM which would allow the projected image to be seen on both
sides of the columns.

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