Thursday, 1 October 2015

Paperwork -Rehersals

I was very conscious that the work I produced should relate to theproduction, I did not want to simply exhibit some of my existingwork. I wanted to produce something specific, which in some wayechoed themes in the main production, while at the same timeremaining distinct.I therefore arranged to attend rehearsals to get a feel for the work,hoping that this would prompt ideas.During this first rehearsal I managed to get a good feel for theproduction. It was also an opportunity to talk with the Writer AmyMallett. She talked in depth about the work, explaining its themesand messages. While very much still being a musical with songs,dancing, and jokes the work clearly had some underlying ‘dark’themes. Including institutionalization, harassment, loss of identity,etc. The office in which the musical is set is deliberately generic.The audience never exactly learning what the business does. Paperis filed, forms are filled, and orders are made. All without any clearreason, there is air of desperation which pervades many of thescenes.

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