Thursday, 1 October 2015

Paperwork - tests

In my first Projection test I identified two issues. The animation
needed to be more visually confusing, and secondly it needed a
sound track.
I went back to the original After Effects document and continued
to add further layers of text and numbers. In the end I had 6 saved
compositions of varying complexity. I ended up using the 5th
composition for the final outcome after finding the 6th animation too
visually confusing. I still wanted a balance between the intelligible
and unintelligible with key words or phrases emerging from the mix.
I also had to consider the banners on stage would further distort
and obstruct the flow of text. I have been considering using sound
for my current work and have been greatly influenced by Brian Eno’s
view that music can give you a que as to how long you should view
a work, effectively holding the viewer attention. Never experimenting
with sound before and due to the tight deadline I considered the
best avenue was to seek collaboration with another artist.

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