Thursday, 1 October 2015

Paperwork - The Physical Musical

This project became the main focus of my Professional
Development module.

The opportunity came about via a chance encounter with the
director and writer of the work during an exhibition opening. After
they outlined their upcoming production at Dance East I showed
them some examples of my work from my Concepts and Contexts
presentation. - Their feedback was very positive and they explained
how they felt my work might reinforce the contemporary feel they
were aiming for. They proposed that we meet again to discuss how

my work could feature as part of the production.

We discussed many ways in which the work could feature before,
during, or after the performance. The preferred option was that
the work would be seen during the interval on the main stage. The
audience members being invited on stage to wander through it.
After my Concepts and Contexts presentation I was keen to create
more work in which the viewer could move through an environment,
becoming part of the piece. 

However this created the problem that the work would need to be quickly set
up and then dismantled before the performance resumed. My final
outcomes for Concepts and Contexts had taken a whole day to set
up. It was agreed that I would go away and consider solutions to
this problem to see if this option was feasible.
We both agreed there might also be the opportunity to create a
permanent installation for the duration of the performance in the

The story is set in a everyday office in 1980’s England, the main
character is the son of the recently deceased chief executive.
Arriving at the business to assume his fathers role he is mistaken
for a management trainee and taken on a whirlwind tour of the

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