Thursday, 1 October 2015

Independent Arts Practice module

As part of my Independent Arts Practice module, I will be working in collaboration with fellow MA student Mark Aaron. While currently in the process of developing several different projects, the main focus of our practice centres around combining projected visuals with soundscapes. We are also looking to create interactive works. Currently we are working on recorded pieces but are moving in the direction of live performance. In this first collaborative work, Mark has created a soundscape to which I have responded with visuals. These first two images contain layers used to create my animation in AfterEffects. We plan to build a series of collaborative works in this way, either I will create visuals, to which Mark will respond with soundscapes, or, I will respond with visuals to a soundscape that Mark has produced. Once a body of work has been created, it will be exhibited in a series of guerrilla projections throughout Ipswich.

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