Thursday, 1 October 2015

Paperwork - Think Outside the Box!!!

While watching this first rehearsal I heard ‘Think Outside the Box’ a
number about the over use of management jargon. The whole song
being written as a string of generic sound bites often used in the
office environment.

I decided that office Jargon would be a great subject matter for
my installation. Text could replace the hand drawn brush marks of
earlier work. Creating dense patterned fields of unintelligible text
from which key phrases could emerge. My starting point for this
being the lyrics of the song ‘Think Outside the Box’. I then started
collecting phrases, clichés, and business mission statements until I
had a large store of jargon to drawn on. I wanted to make the work
banal, like in the musical information would be conveyed without
any clear understanding of why or whats really being said.

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