Thursday, 1 October 2015

Ipswich Marina

The main focus of my Professional Practice module was to take my projections out of the studio, testing them in different locations to see how context affected the reading of the work. After making initial inquiries into a variety of spaces I had three potential leads, Ipswich marina, Dance East (Jerwood Dance House), and Gallery 3 at Ipswich town Hall. Work exhibited in these three locations went on to form the basis of my Professional Practice work.

The Marina sits at the heart of Ipswich's recent regeneration and features many interesting structures including; warehouses, yachts, Cranes, and well as a range of modern and historic buildings. After meeting with the harbour master I was granted permission to use all there external power sources, effectively enabling me to project from anywhere on the middle island of the marina. This is a space to which I will return to test future work.

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