Sunday, 24 July 2016

Pop my Mind - Private view

Taking part in a recent group exhibition I presented my 'Metaphors we live by' response.  The space in which I was given to exhibit was a small square room of similar size and proportions to the space I'll have for my final exhibition. This gave me a great forum to test out screen arrangements, as well as observe how an audience reacted to the work. 

Setting up 1

Setting up 2

Setting up 3

Successes & 'room' for improvement!

1) Setting up in the space the first thing I realised was that projecting from corner to corner instead of from front to back really maximised the space, giving the viewer more room to move in front of the work. 

2) The front projection successfully hid the rear image with white light so that the screen appeared blank. This created a moment of discovery when the image behind was revealed. However as the screen looked blank to begin with some people popped their head in the doorway and left without experiencing the work. In the final exhibition I must be mindful to create the conditions that the viewer is more successfully encouraged in front of the projector beam. With 'Metaphors we live by' the front image is white light and so it is easy for the viewer to think the work is not present, however with my 'Corpse' animations the front image is a forest video so the viewer will be aware work is present.

3) Talking with many of the exhibitions visitors who experienced the work I received much positive feedback. One key question that may asked me was 'how does it work?' Uncovering the image by standing in front of the front projector many didn't realise there was a second projector behind the screen. I feel this not knowing added to the otherness of the work, in my finial exhibition I will now try and make sure that the rear projectors are obscured so this dialogue is repeated.  

4) Many also seemed to enjoy the interactive playful nature of the work, moving and dancing around in front of the screen, or trying to match the movements of the performers in the video.  However it was clear that some felt uncomfortable with having themselves projected onto the picture plain. Either way the experience of the work provoked a reaction beyond indifference!

Private view1

Private view2

Private view3

It is also worth noting that at this event my 'Amethysts' video was projected behind 'Kate Johnson and the wrong moves' Who played a set at the event. This video was manipulated live by VJ Jim Horsfield from 'As Described'.  

Projection visuals

Kate Johnson + back projection + JV Station


It was interesting to see how someone else interpreted my work, forging a different kind of narrative. This was a fantastic and well visited event and proved a great opportunity to test my work in a 'live' setting.

LLOYD EVANS - Projections for Pop my Mind exhibition from Lloyd Evans on Vimeo.

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