Sunday, 3 July 2016

Kate Jackson & the Wrong Moves / Metaphors we live by

The two projects discussed and documented below I was not originally intending to include as part of my MA body of work. This is because they are both side projects which do not neatly fit with ideas and concepts I have been developing. However I have found that both of these projects have in some way informed  the direction of my work. 

Kate Jackson and the Wrong MovesI was asked by Pop my Mind to create a visual response to the music of Kate Jackson and the Wrong Moves The video is to be shown during a set by the band at Pop my Minds first annual exhibition.  Instead of creating a stop frame animation I decided using video clips would be more appropriate to fit the 'feel' of the music, the resultant work is therefore very different to recent animations.

The band latest album takes much inspiration from travel, car journeys and public transport. Taking this as a starting point the video clips used in this work were mainly shot on route to work from Ipswich to Lowestoft. Other clips were also taken from a walk along the gipping and along Ipswich Waterfront.

The work is not a music video as such, it is not designed to fit any specific song but more to fit the general feel of the performance so that it can work in the background throughout.

At any one time at least two clips are overlaid to create fractured images. Here I was trying to condense time, snapshots, sideways glances of familiar landscapes. but here they are confused, the familiar defamiliarised. Sections from different parts of the journey are collaged, time collapses. I also used some clips more than once thinking of routine and repetition, a sense of a linear beginning middle and end are lost.

With the layering I tried to create passages where the image is pushed firmly into abstraction. Images become a tangle of lines, colour, and shapes while at other times the work is much calmer and easier to read as landscape.

This was the first time I used Adobe Premier, this is something I have continued with for the 'Corpse' body of work. In the previous post you will also see that I have experimented layering this video onto 'Corpse' projections.

Mixing video and drawings in multiple layered projections is something that I will look to develop further, the visual clash of these styles creates a dialogue which looks to take my work in a new direction.

LLOYD EVANS - Kate Johnson & the wrong moves installation from Lloyd Evans on Vimeo.

Metaphors we live by
This is my response to Annie Pui Ling Lok's 'Metaphors we live by' performance at Dance east. My reading of the work was that it explored routine, relationship, the familiar/unfamiliar and ritual. To respond to these ideas I overlaid performance footage, staggering its timing to let figures drift in and out of sync. In discussion after the performance Annie Pui Ling Lok spoke of the work as not a duet but a three way relationship between performers and sound. I have tried to bring the audience into the work as a forth element. By projecting the image in such a way the image is only revealed by the silhouette of the viewer, forcing the audience to consider themselves to become an active participants in the performance. Unfortunately the video provided by DanceEast didn't include the ambient soundscape which accompanied the performers so I have not been able to include it here. 

The central idea of a hidden image which the viewer uncovers was born from earlier studio experiments in which I layered my 'Corpse' animations onto a central screen from two projectors.  

LLOYD EVANS - Metaphors we live by from Lloyd Evans on Vimeo.

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