Thursday, 28 July 2016

Filming final takes 'Process and Perception' + 'Chronos'

The following images document filming of the 4th and final take of 'Process and Perception', as well as 'Chronos' which is made of footage from the first 8 minutes of shooting.

There are several amendments which I believe more fully resolve the work:

1) By focussing the camera on the middle screen and arranging them slightly closer together the first charcoal animation screen is better in focus. In the last version of the work the front screen was more blurry, I do like how the image quality degrades to a certain extent but in the last version this was such that it was becoming unreadable as layered tree drawings.

2) The second 'forest' video has been changed, the last video used for this was both too blurry and to zoomed in. Here I endeavoured to use as much as the image as possible and worked from a higher resolution original. However due to it having to be back projected the image is still 'softened' more than I would have liked. Due to the filming process however I see no way to avoid this and will have to live with this slight compromise.

3) Filming using a higher spec camera I was able to avoid the banding seen in earlier versions. This was caused by filming a projected image, it is same issue one has if trying to film something on a TV screen.

4) In the last version of 'Process and Perception' as the final screen burnt away the video of the studio jumped back to the beginning with me again seen lighting the screen. This jump visually jarred and in some way revealed the illusion of the projection. In the new version the final screen stays with the studio keeping on this image as it burns away to the void behind.

5) The final void itself lasts longer, holding on a black image for 25 seconds hints that it is itself a liminal or transitional space like earlier screens. This hopefully prompts a dual reading of the void as ending or new beginning.

6) As I enter the shot to burn the third screen the lighting conditions were slightly different to the last filming, with me here appearing as a black silhouette. On showing this new version to colleagues they all had the immediate reaction that the figure moving across the screen was behind them and in front of the projector, not on the screen itself. This 'happy accident' further destabilises the viewers perception.

7) The shorter 'Chronos' take now has a smoother, more seamless transition from the end of the clip  back to the start.

Three screens prior to burning

Setting up final 'void' transition

Revealing the void

LLOYD EVANS - Chronos (Final cut) from Lloyd Evans on Vimeo.
LLOYD EVANS - Process and Perception (final cut) from Lloyd Evans on Vimeo.

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