Wednesday, 20 July 2016


At the very beginning of the module I had thought to try translating my drawings and projections into etchings. The qualities of etching such as the deep black of the etching ink, quality of line, and the physicality of a print really appealed. Together these attributes give it a tactile quality which lends itself to an investigation concerning haptic sensation.

However creating an etching plate by directly drawing on its surface creates a 'slow' considered image where I would want them to be imbued with the speed and attack of my drawings. Therefore I decided to explore using photographic etching processes so that I may directly 'expose' a drawing onto the surface of a plate, not try and recreate it through drawing.

Photograva  - this looks like a labour intensive process and one I could spend months perfecting, in the first instance I wanted to try a quicker process with which I could test the viability of translating these drawn images into etchings.

I have found a tutorial linked below which offers a much simpler and quicker process, I intend to experiment creating A4/A3 sized prints from both my drawings and recent photographic images. I feel the quality of line and the deepness of black that etching allows may really work with these new complex images.

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