Sunday, 17 May 2015

Painting With Light

If you follow the link to my MA Pinterest boards it will become clear how my reference has evolved though this investigation. Moving from those that physically paint, to those that paint with light.

I have always viewed painting as a very primary way of making work, the artist is in direct contact with the pictures surface, and his/her hands movement across its surface can often be traced. I have always thought this record of human physicality creates dialogue with the viewer through which we can connect with a work. However if I project light there is no physical object, the image has had to go through secondary digital process, somewhat removing it from from my initial ink sketches.

Yet I feel that I connect more with my current projected work than any earlier paintings I have produced. The question I have been asking myself is why?

These are some of my current thoughts on the matter:

1) Light has luminance, a warmth which may in ultimately on some level remind us of the sun. Maybe it is this association which also makes me feel that using light is somehow more direct. Painting is a way of trying to translate/record effects of light. Projecting the image in a way feels like cutting out the middle man.

2) Because I'm projecting I can easily work on a larger scale, therefore it is much more possible for me to immerse the viewer.

3) To create an effective image I need to have near black environment. This has the affect of cutting out peripheral information, and creates a mediative space.

One artist whose work I have keep getting drawn to is Olafur Eliasson. His work centres on investigating how our perceptions are altered by light & colour. Often recreating natural phenomena such as rainbows the sun, mist, rain and waterfalls. He often works on large scale immersive projects, Two words I would us to describe his work would be Sublime and Metaphysical, Yet in all interviews I have read he himself has avoided this terminology.

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