Saturday, 23 May 2015

Concepts & Contexts - Installation

These images are taken from an installation I produced for my second module assessment (Concepts & Contexts). This was the largest installation I have produced to date, giving me the opportunity to test my ideas on a suitable scale. The assessment took place in a fully blacked out room which is usually used for photography lectures. The three animations I projected were my most recent works, and it was the first time I have viewed them in this kind of context.

Since first creating fractured images in my studio I have wanted to try making work large enough for the viewer to move through it. Here I was able to realise this. In one of the images you can see some of my peers walking through the installation. Their human silhouettes are projected onto, becoming part of the work.

This experience really helped me to clarify how I want proceed with my investigation. The main points arising from it were:

1) I want to try projecting onto different size/shaped screens & warping the picture plain.

2) I also want to explore projecting different animations from facing or angled positions onto a central arrangement of panels, looking at how animations can be layered/mixed.

3) The software I am currently using (Photoshop) is now limiting what I can achieve. I intend to begin experimenting with Resolume Avenue and After Effects.

4) Projecting onto transparent screens will allow the same part of an image to travel further and appear on multiple screens.

5) I want to continue to experiment on a large scale, creating work which the viewer is able to  move through.

One of the most valuable things to come out of this exercise was finding a great venue to test my ideas. Hopefully I will be using this space again through the summer months to test new work.

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