Saturday, 7 March 2015

A Starting Point

I intend to begin my investigation by playing with the relationship between painting and digital processes. This will involve scanning drawn/painted images and icons, experimenting building repeating imagery by collaging these elements together in Photoshop. I will also try combining 'traditional' hand drawn marks and gestures with digitally generated ones, exploring the relationships between the two.

The physical act of painting has always been important to my practice. I want to test not only if I can achieve the effects I'm after with digital processes, but also if I can feel connected with the process of image making in the same way.

At this stage I'm not sure how my work is to be presented. I will start by digitally projecting my images, this is the easiest way of testing repeats, scale and the context in which the work is seen. However I also want to experiment creating wallpapers, textiles & multiple canvases.

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